"Decapitating things, so you don't have to."

Forgotten icons, mascots of old times! Tremble with fear - the trophy hunter is rambling around, seeking for you. Neither hiding nor fleeing will save your artificial skin. Say farewell to your torso, for the head is all the hunter requires. It's hunting season!

Latest news:
May 14, 2012: Chantal the Dolphin is now part of the collection!
May 17, 2012: Selected trophies being exhibited temporarily at Alter Ofen in Munich.
Mar 31, 2012: Chatterbeak and Large Pink Unicorn added!
Jan 20, 2012: Giant Pygmy Pony and 2 standard Pygmy Ponies added to the gallery.
Jan 9, 2012: Four brand new trophies added!
Dec 3, 2011: Be nifty with a Toilet Duck Shirt!